Wednesday, March 08, 2006
We got Jonah as a 6 month old puppy in October of last year, thinking that we were going to be moving any day.

He's now almost a year old, and has to be crated during the day while we're at work (no fenced yard), and then goes down to the lake with Scott after we get home. But he's simply not getting enough "out of crate" time. A friend at work was talking about wanting a dog, and I told her about Jonah, and that if she was interested in him, I'd talk to Scott - who has been asking for the past two weeks that I do something about the dog. Scott agreed.

I was going to sign him up for obedience classes, but frankly, we live 30 miles from the nearest place for classes - and I can't stand the idea of making the drive home, picking up the dog, and then driving back in to town, spend an hour working with the dog, and then driving 30 miles home for 6 weeks. We half-assed looked into residential training (where they keep the dog for a certain time period and return to you a perfectly trained dog), but while the cost is reasonable, it's too much for us to invest in a dog right now. I thought we'd be able to fix the yard where he could be outside all day, but it'd require more work and money than we can put out there right now.

So, the friend and her family will be picking Jonah up tomorrow night and taking him for the weekend to see if it's a good fit.

I'm sad, but I honestly think this is the best thing for him. He'll have a fenced yard, and 3 kids to play with - that should settle him down fast. He's too hyper right now from not getting enough time to run and play, except on the weekends.

I admit it - I haven't made enough of a commitment to this dog to go out of my way for 6 weeks and get him trained - and for that I'm ashamed.

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