Tuesday, May 30, 2006
Photo update
Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day weekend! We were finally blessed with a little rain - no enough to do much, but at least it cooled things off!

I have a couple of photos that have been taken this month, and a surprise at the end :)

This is the first of my oriental lilies to raise its head

I've grown very fond of the herons that frequent the lake.

Here's another of the same one

And this is the newest member of the family. No name yet.
He's less than 2 months old, still has puppy breath, and is adorable.

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Sunday, May 28, 2006
Actual Nature!
Scott and I walked the beach this morning, looking for arrowheads. We found a few.

We also saw lots of snakes in the water. Little ones, about 3 feet long, but they were enough to convince me that it will take an act of extreme desparation to get me in that water!

I also saw a lot of butterflies. As soon as I can find some pictures online, I'll post them, with proper credits of course ;)

It's gotten pretty hot out there right now, so I'm thinking a nap just might be in order...Scott's already crashed out on the couch!
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Saturday, May 20, 2006
I know, I know...
It's been awhile and I'm getting complaints because I'm not updating often enough.

But truly, how many sunsets can I post for you all? How many perfect days can I describe to you? I'm sure you're bored with them by now.

Last weekend, we stayed in town to attend the Taste of Addison, which is an event where many upscale restaurants come and sell their food, concerts to attend, and of course, vendors. We had a blast, but it was so hot that we had to leave before the concerts started - the GoGos and the Gin Blossoms were playing. But I was starting to feel ill from the heat and we were just exhausted from being out in the sun, so we shut it down early and went back to the hotel. We slept for an hour and then went out to sing karaoke.

This weekend, Scott and our next door neighbor, Rob, and some of the other guys in the neighborhood are off to Broken Bow, OK, to ride 4-wheelers. I heard from him this afternoon and he's having a wonderful time...I suspect there's a new 4-wheeler in our near future!

While the boys were away, Rob's wife, Kristina, their daughter Bethany, and I went to see Da Vinci Code. Everything I had heard about it was true - a bit long and true to the book - but I'm glad I went. I do truly hate to see Tom Hanks aging, and this wasn't his best acting job, but I still enjoyed his performance.

My garden is getting ready to bloom all over the place. When it does, there'll be pictures.

So, that's it for now!
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Wednesday, May 03, 2006
I just can't help it!
Here are the sunset pics I promised yesterday. They're probably out of order, but I don't care if you don't! :)

It truly was a breathtaking sunset.

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Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Another weekend gone by...
I've neglected my blog lately :(

It's just that I'm sure you get tired of the same old things. Here' s a couple of new ones though.

I had to spend 3 hours tonight getting my battery changed and an oil change - unplanned. Pulled in to get air put in my tires and turned the car off and that was the end of that. Fortunately, I had pulled into the Walmart in Terrell, and they were able to do the work.

I missed work yesterday - my insomnia has gotten so out of control that I couldn't sleep at all Sunday night (well, maybe 2-3 hours total), and I was literally afraid to drive because I was "seeing things" out of the corner of my eye. It sucked. I've got to get this under control somehow, so I'm seeing my doctor next week. I've been taking Ambien, but I'm now waking up through it, so I'm either going to try that Lunesta or the new Ambien time released pills.

Here are some pictures of the past few days. More will follow tomorrow after I resize them.

Scott found a turtle - like the kind you used to have as a kid (if you're over 50). He's now living in our pond.

And yet another glorious sunset - hope you're not sick of them yet, because I'm posting one tomorrow that was truly breathtaking!

Written by Scott
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