Tuesday, May 02, 2006
Another weekend gone by...
I've neglected my blog lately :(

It's just that I'm sure you get tired of the same old things. Here' s a couple of new ones though.

I had to spend 3 hours tonight getting my battery changed and an oil change - unplanned. Pulled in to get air put in my tires and turned the car off and that was the end of that. Fortunately, I had pulled into the Walmart in Terrell, and they were able to do the work.

I missed work yesterday - my insomnia has gotten so out of control that I couldn't sleep at all Sunday night (well, maybe 2-3 hours total), and I was literally afraid to drive because I was "seeing things" out of the corner of my eye. It sucked. I've got to get this under control somehow, so I'm seeing my doctor next week. I've been taking Ambien, but I'm now waking up through it, so I'm either going to try that Lunesta or the new Ambien time released pills.

Here are some pictures of the past few days. More will follow tomorrow after I resize them.

Scott found a turtle - like the kind you used to have as a kid (if you're over 50). He's now living in our pond.

And yet another glorious sunset - hope you're not sick of them yet, because I'm posting one tomorrow that was truly breathtaking!

Written by Scott
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