Saturday, February 02, 2008
We're still alive :)
I've got to admit that I've lost the heart to post in this blog, knowing that every word is probably scrutinized for whatever reason by "some people", but I'm going to try to get over that ;)

The weight loss has finally restarted, after doing what I should be and seeing my doctor ;)

Life has been fairly quiet around our house. Shannon's doing great in school and racing towards graduation with alarming speed! She's driving now (with a permit) so loves going to the store with me so she can drive.

Scott and I have both been sick for the past couple of weeks, so even getting out of bed is almost too much excitement.

We lost Sammy the Cockatiel last weekend. He was 20 years old, so he lived a good life for a birdie. This leaves us with only Katie of the birds. I think she misses Sammy.

Rusty is all grown up now and just the greatest dog. We love him dearly.

So, that's about it for the moment. Everyone is stable and we're loving it :)
Written by Scott
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