Wednesday, May 23, 2007
And today's word is...
Main Entry: hy·poc·ri·sy
Pronunciation: hi-'pä-kr&-sE also hI-
Function: noun
Inflected Form(s): plural -sies
Etymology: Middle English ypocrisie, from Anglo-French, from Late Latin hypocrisis, from Greek hypokrisis act of playing a part on the stage, hypocrisy, from hypokrinesthai to answer, act on the stage, from hypo- + krinein to decide -- more at CERTAIN
1 : a feigning to be what one is not or to believe what one does not; especially : the false assumption of an appearance of virtue or religion
2 : an act or instance of hypocrisy

If the word fits....
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Thursday, May 10, 2007
Our puppy, Rusty, has grown into quite a handsome dog. He's very good...well, all except for digging in the front yard, for which he may die, if Scott ever catches him at it! :X

He's pretty smart too, except for the aforementioned, and has learned sit, stay, down, leave it, and is now learning to catch his toys in mid-air, so I shot some pics tonight.

By the way, if you ever see him riding around in the golf cart, don't's his favorite pasttime ;)

Oops! Missed!

I can catch it in my paws - does that count?


And again!

What goes up...

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Sunday, May 06, 2007
Well, our golf cart got stolen in the middle of the night Friday/Saturday, and Scott spent yesterday trying to find it, and while I was trying to get Shannon ready for her prom and attending our HOA meeting (oh, you're looking at the new Secretary - not quite sure how that happened!).

Scott was able to discover that our cart had been stolen. They left it down the road about 2:15 when it ran out of battery, and 45 minutes later, it was gone, so we think someone saw it, trailered it, and took off. Kind of funny...while Scott was out looking for our cart, he found two other ones that had been stolen too. We know that two girls had stolen one girl's grandmother's car, and it was two girls that stole our cart, so we think it's the same ones. One girl got caught and is in custody. If they admit to it, I'll be going after her parents for the return of the money our cart was worth.

Of course, with the BBQ coming up, and the fact that we really enjoyed owning one, it was imperative that we replace it immediately. So we have a new (used) one. This one has a windshield, new seat covers, and it has a "truck bed", so we can haul small things with it. It's also gas powered instead of battery powered, so that's a nice change. It cost more than I wanted to spend, but from what Scott has been able to research on them, we actually got it for about $1000 less than they normally go for. I'll post pictures after the seats are done, and Scott has

Shannon looked utterly gorgeous for her prom. She's still asleep, so no idea how it went, but from the pictures on my camera, it looks like she had a great time.

This picture was taken just before her boyfriend picked her up:

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