Thursday, December 21, 2006
Just a little behind!
I've been getting chewed out for being so behind on posts, so here's what's been going on.

Let's see -

Jonah has been returned to the SPCA (which is no-kill). As wonderful as he was, our original reasons for giving him up still stood - he was far too big for the house.

Scott and I have both given up smoking cigarettes, although he's still smoking those little cigars, Black & Milds, and I seem to be unable to control myself when I'm in social settings where others are smoking, but do just fine any other time. I'll be working on that one!

Part of the reason for not posting was that the lake had receded to the point where it was a mudhole - which was very depressing! We got some really good hard rain the other day though and it brought the waterline back to the level it was before the really hot summer weather started, although we didn't see that until this morning. (This is not to be mistaken for the actual "lake level". This is only the waterline as it relates to the shoreline at our house.) Rusty's outside running around now, happy to see the beach looking like it used to :)

I'll definitely do a better job of keeping this blog up, I promise!
Written by Scott
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