Friday, February 16, 2007
Life is great!
I had my lapband surgery on Valentine's Day. If you want to read more about that, head on over to Life in Texas, because that's where I'll be posting about my journey.

It's been great around here lately. Scott's daughter is living with us now, and she's a joy to have around. She's helpful, cooperative, funny, and just a great kid...we're delighted to have her with us.

Scott's been sober since December, and that is likewise a joy and a blessing :)

We're still praying for rain, because the lake isn't up nearly enough. I'm positive we'll get it though! (Faith...whew!)

As soon as I can move around good again, and we have some sun, I'll take some pictures of Rusty - he's gotten to be a big boy! He'll be a year old next month - now if he'd just get past this chewing stage! He seems to especially like wood, which concerns me :(

Anyway, life is great! As we move into spring, I'm sure I'll be posting more. When it's winter and you're more or less housebound, there's not a lot to write about ;)
Written by Scott
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