Saturday, May 20, 2006
I know, I know...
It's been awhile and I'm getting complaints because I'm not updating often enough.

But truly, how many sunsets can I post for you all? How many perfect days can I describe to you? I'm sure you're bored with them by now.

Last weekend, we stayed in town to attend the Taste of Addison, which is an event where many upscale restaurants come and sell their food, concerts to attend, and of course, vendors. We had a blast, but it was so hot that we had to leave before the concerts started - the GoGos and the Gin Blossoms were playing. But I was starting to feel ill from the heat and we were just exhausted from being out in the sun, so we shut it down early and went back to the hotel. We slept for an hour and then went out to sing karaoke.

This weekend, Scott and our next door neighbor, Rob, and some of the other guys in the neighborhood are off to Broken Bow, OK, to ride 4-wheelers. I heard from him this afternoon and he's having a wonderful time...I suspect there's a new 4-wheeler in our near future!

While the boys were away, Rob's wife, Kristina, their daughter Bethany, and I went to see Da Vinci Code. Everything I had heard about it was true - a bit long and true to the book - but I'm glad I went. I do truly hate to see Tom Hanks aging, and this wasn't his best acting job, but I still enjoyed his performance.

My garden is getting ready to bloom all over the place. When it does, there'll be pictures.

So, that's it for now!
Written by Scott
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