Tuesday, March 21, 2006
Every once in awhile I come across a blog that catches my interest. To me, the only way to read a blog is from back to front, since new posts come out on top.

I just finished reading a blog from back to front, and found it fascinating. It is called City Bees. It is imformative and well written. While this beekeeper is very serious about her colonies, she approaches her writing with a sense of humor. There's some scientific stuff that may bog you down if you're not interested in beekeeping - but at the same time, I read every word of it - and being allergic to bees, I have no interest at all in beekeeping.

Anyway, I encourage you to check her out.


A very cool day in Dallas, but crisp and clear. No sign of the rains. The lake came up a little more since last night, but not a lot. Sorry, no pictures of it today - maybe tomorrow.

Yesterday (3/20) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 72° F
Low Temperature: 47° F
Precipitation: 0.22 in
Written by Scott
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