Sunday, March 05, 2006
I'm soooo tired!!
It has been an exhausting weekend! But we have three new flower beds, one less tree, and a new pond! There is still one flower bed to do, which the plants are already bought for, and one flower bed to do that we had completely forgotten about...LOL.

And idiot that I can sometimes be, I didn't get "before" pictures of the majority of the work! I did get some though, and will post them with the "after" pictures in a day or won't believe the difference!

In between doing all of this digging and planting, which we started Saturday morning, I had to run Shannon to her mom's Saturday afternoon, and then go pick her back up a couple of hours later, and on Sunday, we had to run out to Scott's mom's (70 miles away!), come back 40 miles and take Shannon to her church (visiting Lowe's and Home Depot while she was in church), come home and do more digging and planting.

The lawn itself still looks like hell, because we need to buy a new lawn mower, but the coffers are tapped for this week. Hopefully, we can get one next weekend.

Yesterday (3/4) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 71° F
Low Temperature: 49° F
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Written by Scott
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