Saturday, March 11, 2006
We stayed in Plano last night, since Scott is on call this week. He'll be staying at a hotel there all week and it's way too quiet here today! We went out and sang karaoke at this place in McKinney called "Big Tony's"...and it was about what you'd expect. It's a restaurant/bar with cheesy equipment but it was ok, until the DJ decided to take a break and played 5 hip-hop songs in a row...I can handle one or two, but five was 2 too many, so we left.

And of all the weeks for Scott not to be home - our "grass", such as it is - is almost two feet tall in places! It's mostly weeds though, and will still look terrible when it's mowed. I'd like to plow the whole thing under and put in sod...I'll be looking into the price.

In the meantime, the rest of the garden is doing well.

Jonah is settling in nicely to his new home...they just love him, and for that I'm glad. They let him have full house privileges yesterday while they were at work and other than chewing the faux fur off one of my friend's jackets (*gulp*) and dragging a frying pan (??) to her kids' bedrooms, they said he did really well. No "accidents" and I was very worried about that, since he hasn't always been reliable as far as his housetraining. The first night he was there, he tried to climb into bed with them, but last night, laid on the floor all night like a good boy. I think it's going to be just fine :)

Yesterday (3/10) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 83° F
Low Temperature: 50° F
Precipitation: 0.00 in

Yesterday (3/9) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 71° F
Low Temperature: 53° F
Precipitation: 0.69 in
Written by Scott
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