Thursday, April 20, 2006
I haven't written in awhile - not much going on worthy of a post.

The deal on the Suntracker fell through - I'm pretty disappointed about that, but knew it was too good to be true.

The last time we used the Jon boat, Scott rigged the wet dock so that it would hold the boat. Last night (at 2:00 a.m.), we had a storm blow through here that was pretty bad, and when Scott went out this morning, the Jon boat was in the water, upside down. The new marine battery we bought was missing, the chairs had been torn out of it - must have been one helluva storm.

Fortunately, Scott found everything, except the oar, and the battery and Minn Kota trolling motor still work. Needless to say, we're rethinking how to store the Jon boat when we're not using it. ;)

Another storm is rolling through as I write, so I need to shut down. More later.
Written by Scott
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