Wednesday, April 05, 2006
Hey, Big Oil!
Here I am, about to pollute my sweet little blog with politics. Yuck.

Dear Big Oil Companies:

You made billions upon billions of dollars last year. Our combined household income was $100k. Like others, we have house payments, insurance, energy costs, food expenses, and the ever-popular credit card debt.

What the hell is up with a 20 cent increase in gas prices over the course of 4 days? Weren't the billions you made last year enough to give us a little bit of a break? Gas was $2.09 in our area two weeks ago. Today, it's $2.59. I looked - there was no hurricane this time, so what's your justification for raising prices 50 cents in a two week period? Explain to me how your profit lined pockets are more important than the ability for the working people to be able to afford the gas for them to get to work. Please. I'm listening.

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Written by Scott
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