Sunday, April 09, 2006
Friday night, just before dark, a wind storm came in. We were having 25 mph winds all night, and they continued through Saturday morning. When I woke up, I started freaking out because I was worried the weather wasn't going to straighten up - it was cloudy, overcast, cold, and windy. By noon, the sun came out and it warmed up a little, but it was still pretty windy most of the day. We had really been hoping that the prop for our trolling motor would come in (or alternatively, the news that we could pick up our boat!) before the party, but it didn't happen...dang it!

We had a blast - 16 of our friends and family. Some of them stayed for the whole weekend! Lots of talking, singing, eating and drinking of adult beverages (I wished I owned stock in Budweiser!!)...a good time was had by all! The guys caught a bunch of fish and I caught a baby striper and had to throw it back. Today, a 40 lb catfish washed up on shore...dead. Not sure what killed him, but the guys were disappointed that it wasn't their hooks that killed him!

We made some new friends, welcomed old ones, and spent time with family at our lake house...can life get much better than that? And now, the pictures. Hope you enjoy!

My son, Josh, being...well...Josh!

My boss, Carolyn, and her boyfriend, Steve. To the right is a new friend, Dan.

Our friends, John and Judy

Our friend, Dennis, making a new friend of his own

My ex-brother in law, Joey

My ex-mother in law, Betty (who is probably going to shoot me for putting this up!)

Josh's friend, Spencer

"Papa Scott" and my granddaughter, Alyssa, checking out the day's catch.

"I'm so shy...not!"

No comment.

Dan's wife, Shiela; my daughter, Jennifer; Alyssa, and Betty

Shiela singing karaoke to an appreciative audience

The big one of the day...

...which was actually caught by Joey!

Jennifer, showing a turtle to Alyssa

Josh's dog, named "Quick"

High Temperature: 72° F
Low Temperature: 50° F
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Written by Scott
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