Sunday, April 02, 2006
A ton of work got done around here this weekend. I made significant progress in our laundry room, which has been playing "catch-all" as we put stuff away, and found the tops of both our dressers again - funny how they always seem to end up covered with utter crap.

Scott busted his ass cleaning the backyard this weekend. It was severely overgrown and had been for a number of years. We discovered a few weeks ago that there once was a path from the bottom of the hill to the top, and will eventually restore that, but this weekend's focus was just trying to get it cleaned up enough to tell what was what, and have it look presentable for the housewarming next weekend.

Our yard actually has five different levels. Level one is the patio right outside our guest room, and where I eventually would like to put a hot tub. Then, the yard has three distinct levels, each bordered with railroad ties, which we'll probably have to replace, if we don't do something else with the yard, as they're pretty rotten. Their purpose is/was erosion control, we're sure. The last level is the hill itself.

It turns out we have a 12' x 12' brick patio, that we thought was only about half as wide. We thought the bricks on the other half were broken or missing under all the debris. Nope, all there, and in one piece.

So, here are today's pics.

This was taken from the second level. Behind those two trees used to exist these hideous bushes which were half dead. We think they were originally used to separate that house (shed) from the rest of the yard.

We're not sure what this was supposed to be. It's possible that it was used to hold a statue, or a small table and chairs. It's on the third level.

Although you can't tell from the angle of the picture, this is actually about 12' x 12' square. We didn't know the left half of it was all there and in one piece! This shed and that patio are on the third level.

This was taken from the lower left side of the third level, looking up to the right side of level four.

This was taken from the center right of level three, looking up.

This was taken from the lower right of level one, looking up to the left of level four.

There is still a lot of work to be done, but it looks so much better than it did. It was seriously looking like a jungle.

Does anyone know if Round-Up can be used around here safely?

Finally, I had to drive the Kidlet home today, and passed by the Walmart site. I realize all the negative crap about Walmart, so don't slam me here. But Quinlan is a very small town. If I need to buy anything other than what can be found at the one chain grocery store (which isn't a national chain), then I have to go to Walmart - and the nearest one is 17 miles away. It will be really nice having one here.

Now, I'm off to see what's on the Tivo tonight.

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