Saturday, February 25, 2006
Meeting new neighbors
Last night, we were invited to a birthday party at our next door neighbor's house. This is the guy that has spent a bloody fortune rebuilding the house. We met several of the neighbors on the other side of them. Nice people, but I can see that it's gonna be wild here in the summer...those people can slam down the alcohol. We went over there at 5:45 and by 8:30, we were pleasantly buzzed. We've been told repeatedly that this is party central in the summer...I can see it's true ;)

We're going out tonight to see if we can't find some place to sing karaoke. We may end up at the Scoreboard in Rockwall, where they have singers so good that I get intimidated! I hate bar hopping, but I think that the best way for us to find a place to sing is to start at one end of the strip, and work our way to the other end. Then we'll know what's out there.

I need to go burn down some music....ta!

Yesterday (2/24) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 65° F
Low Temperature: 43° F
Precipitation: 0.49 in
Written by Scott
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