Monday, February 20, 2006
Happy President's Day
I wish I had remembered to post the weather for Saturday. It was freezing cold all day. Yesterday, I drove a 60 mile round-trip and the ice never melted off my side mirror. All the flowers who were confused and bloomed last week are now dead :(

Yesterday (2/19) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 30° F
Low Temperature: 27° F
Precipitation: 0.00 in

Despite the freezing temps, we went Saturday and got the remainder of our stuff out of our storage unit - glad that expense is out of our lives! Now comes the hard part - finding a home for the rest of the stuff. I either have to find a place for it (and there aren't many "places" in this house), or it is put on ebay, or tossed. A small portion can be kept in the "guest house" (ha!) for now, but eventually, the choices will be the same - may as well pull the band-aid off at once, so to speak.

So, I've spent today, a holiday from work, doing nothing but sorting out boxes, throwing some stuff away, organizing others, sorting through ages old bills, and listing a couple of things on Got rid of some of the crap, but not nearly enough.

I think I really need to think about whether I really want to do the ebay thing with all this crap or just give it to a thrift shop. Hmmm.

Mother in law is still staying with us, but is going home Thursday. Thank God - We've only been alone in this house for ONE week since we moved in!!!

Written by Scott
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