Friday, February 17, 2006
Happy birthday!
Happy Birthday to my darling daughter, Kristi, who is 24 today. I feel so

Work progresses on the dock. Scott's son, Travis, is helping him, and yesterday Travis got his truck and trailer stuck in the mud trying to bring in the poles which support the dock. Travis loves to go mudding, but I don't think that was his intent this time! And of course, this happens while I'm at work and can't take pictures of it!

It was 80 degrees yesterday and it's currently 38 with a "real feel" of 28 - and it's getting colder today instead of warmer. I'm really glad I didn't give in to the urge to put my plants outside! It's supposed to be 31 by 5:00, and then to make things really interesting, it's supposed to rain and ice overnight, hovering around 30-32 all day tomorrow.

Gotta love Texas. Don't like the weather? Just hang around for 15'll change ;)

Yesterday (2/16) in Quinlan
High Temperature: 80° F
Low Temperature: 42° F
Precipitation: 0.00 in
Written by Scott
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