Friday, July 07, 2006
BBQ/4th of July
I've finally recovered enough from the BBQ to update the blog.

We ended up having about 100 people for the BBQ. It went pretty well, with only a few minor glitches - one of which convinced us that turkey legs are forever off the BBQ menu. It's just way too much work for that many people.

We had fireworks every night from June 29th through July 4th and I played with the fireworks and video settings on my camera. You can see the results here. The password is helen, should it ask for one. I don't much care for what photobucket did for the videos though.

The party started Friday night, and in a few cases, continued through Tuesday night. By the time everyone left, we were completely and totally worn out, and spent Wednesday and Thursday nights holed up in our bedroom and sleeping by 10pm.

I've attached a few pictures of me and Kathryn (my granddaughter), and Alex (my grandson) and Morgan (Scott's granddaughter), and a picture of our "grandkid" Jasper. Jasper was an absolute hit at the BBQ - of course, several people just had to ask if he was on the menu :P

In case anyone was wondering how the puppy was doing, I've included a few of him that Scott and I took just tonight.

I decided I can't attach any of the BBQ, because every one of the pictures taken was so bad, that our family and friends would be pissed if we posted them ;)


Mimi and Kathryn

Kathryn meets Katie

Two of the cutest kids on the planet - Morgan and Alex

Me and the "grandkid"

Rusty loves water!!

Isn't he a good looking boy? :)
Written by Scott
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