Saturday, April 14, 2007
Well, that was interesting!
We had a nasty old storm come through the DFW metroplex yesterday, leaving tornadoes all over the place, killing two and hurting five others.

It came right for us out here in Quinlan, but the oddness of living on the lake continues - the seriously bad stuff went around us.

We got an inch of rain in about 10 minutes, a little hail, lots of wind, thunder and lightening, but no tornado, and it was over faster than it took to get here.

But you have to prepare for the worst, so the high school was opened to those who wanted to evacuate. All we could do was put the dog and cat in the bathroom, and the birds in the closet. We stood at the front door listening and watching. It was a helluva storm, that's for sure!

It's been cold, windy and overcast all day...definitely an odd Spring!
Written by Scott
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